App Smashing: OKIOCAM and Popular Online Learning Applications

4 min readSep 30, 2020

OKIOCAM integrates flawlessly with all the most popular remote learning applications. Using a conventional webcam is fine when delivering standard online lectures, but when you want to make your lessons more dynamic and remove the restrictions that the use of a standard webcam imposes, look no further than OKIOCAM.

It could not be easier to use OKIOCAM with many of the most popular remote learning applications. This article will show you how to use OKIOCAM with Screencastify, Flipgrid, and Seesaw.

Over 12 million people use Screencastify to record, edit, and share videos. Many of those users are online educators. OKIOCAM easily integrates with Screencastify to allow those educators the ability to more easily produce their very best educational content. Here’s how you can easily record your OKIOCAM:

  1. Click on Webcam Only.

2. Click on the Camera drop-down menu.

3. Select your OKIOCAM.

4. Click on the blue Record button to start recording.

Educators and learners from 180 countries use Flipgrid to facilitate their educational discussions. Educators can post questions, ideas, and prompts with the goal of getting their students’ brains working in overdrive. Students then share their ideas and work with their teachers. Flipgrid is an invaluable tool for teachers to use for maintaining thriving personal relationships with their students when they are educating students remotely.

  1. On the Create a New Topic! page, click on Record a Video.

2. From within the video recording interface, select the Flip icon from the toolbar to switch between cameras.

3. Press the Record icon to start recording a video.

Seesaw is an innovative platform that allows parents to supervise and get involved with their children’s online learning. Seesaw makes it easy for students, parents, and teachers to build and maintain educational relationships. Students can show teachers their work, allowing teachers to develop a greater understanding of their students’ thinking, and finally, parents can view the progress that their children are making and stay connected with the teachers. Below are instructions on how you can use OKIOCAM with Seesaw:

  1. On the Create New Activity page, click on Add Multimedia Instructions or Example.

2. On the Attach Item page, select Video.

3. At the top-right corner of the Record a Video page, click on the camera icon to switch between cameras.

4. Click any of the three Record icons to start recording a video.

If you have any difficulty following the above steps, please submit a support request via the OKIOLABS website here and our helpful support team will gladly assist you.

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